Frontiers eBook published with two NCM Lab contributions

The Frontiers eBook (published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience) titled Online and offline Modulators of Motor Learning has just been published. Two contributions from the lab are included: 1) A Day Awake Attenuates Motor Learning-Induced Increases in Corticomotor Excitability and 2) Reconsolidation of Motor Memories Is a Time-Dependent Process. Read more 


Congratulations to Dr. Quanying Liu on graduating from the NCM Lab

Quanying has successfully defended her PhD thesis titled ‘Brain Network Imaging based on High-density Electroencephalography’. Quanying is currently a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Dante Mantini in the BIND group at KU Leuven. Read more 


Marc Bächinger receives Volker Henn Poster Award at this years SSN annual meeting

Congratulations to Marc on receiving the award in the Systems and Behavioural Neuroscience Category at this years Swiss Society for Neuroscience meeting. Read more 


Dr. Joshua Balsters’ recent work on social decision making in Autism picked up by Irish media

In the recent issue of Brain (Jan 2017), work was published from the NCM Lab - lead by Dr. Joshua Henk Balsters – investigating social decision making in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Read more 


Dr. Josh Balsters' work on the dynamics of functional brain networks published in Neuron

The research demonstrates that the human brain traverses between functional states that maximize either segregation into tight-knit communities or integration across otherwise disparate neural regions.  Read more 


Dr. Ellen Jaspers from the NCM Lab discusses her recent work on mirror movements in children with cerebral palsy

In the Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology author podcast Ellen disusses her paper titled 'Do mirror movements relate to hand function and timing of the brain lesion in children with unilateral cerebral palsy?'. Read more 


Congratulations to Dr. Valerio Zerbi on receiving an ETH Seed Grant

NCM Lab member Dr. Valerio Zerbi received the funding for his work using novel imaging techniques in combination with genetic models to better understand how genetic risk factors converge to result in the same group of symptoms that lead to an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Read more 


Dr. Ellen Jaspers and Prof. Nici Wenderoth tell their science story

Dr. Ellen Jaspers and Prof. Nici Wenderoth were interviewed by the EU Grants Access office and discuss how their partnership led to a successful Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship application.  Read more 


New work from the NCM Lab shows that adding noise to the brain can enhance sensory perception

Onno Van der Groen and Prof. Nici Wenderoth's work demonstrating that adding noise directly to the brain via transcranial random noise stimulation can enhance sensory perception has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience.   Read more 


Marc Bächinger and Dr. Valerio Zerbi will speak at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping annual meeting

Congratulations to Marc Bächinger and Dr. Valerio Zerbi on receiving invitations to speak at this year's OHBM annual meeting in Geneva.  Read more 


Congratulations to Dr. Marco Ganzetti on graduating from the NCM Lab

Marco Ganzetti has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled ‘Multimodal mapping of brain structural properties by combining T1- and T2-weighted MR imaging data’. Marco is currently undertaking a research internship at Roche where he is working on preclinical imaging methods.  Read more 


Prof. Wenderoth delivers the famous Polybahn-Pitch

The Polybahn Pitch is where ETH professors are asked to describe their research focus in just two minutes, the time it takes for the Polybahn to travel from Central to ETH. Now Nici had her turn... Read more 


Onno van der Groen awarded Runner-up for “Best Poster Presentation” at the NeuroModulation 2015 Conference (NeuroModec), New York City, USA

Onno van der Groen presented his work showing that random stimulation of the cortex enhances central perception mechanisms at the NeuroModulation 2015 Conference (NeuroModec), New York City, USA and was awarded Runner-up for “Best Poster Presentation” Read more 


Congratulations to Dr. Valerio Zerbi for receiving an ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship (ETH Fellows)

Valerio will investigate the topography of brain function underlying autistic behavioral traits. Read more 


Dr. Ellen Jaspers wins Marie Curie Actions - Intra-European Fellowship (IEF)

The Marie Curie IEF will provide Ellen the opportunity to investgate structural and functional biomarkers of the brain indicating sensorimotor recovery in cerebral palsy. Read more 

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